Saturday, September 7, 2013


Here are some classic quotes that I've collected over the past few years. Most are pulled from tweets, but some are from chats or verbal quotes from the show. Enjoy....

"Your show is a bigger freak show than Barrett Brown's topless tinychats. I'd rather watch The Gong Show dubbed in Spanish." - Ron Brynaert

"so its cool now to pose as my dead father to troll me? VInce in the Bay u r gainin the rep as a lamer of Emick proportions w/ Welnas dockside." - Bratty

"Dear Jesus, please give Vince testicular cancer. Amen." - The One Angry Jew

"So I was just on Vince in the Bay. That was an experience." - Gregg Housh

"most of vinces fan base are young and their tiny minds have the attention span of pidgeons" - Motormouth News

"the howard stern of the hackers/nerds" - Sabu

"I'm 12. What is this?" - Charrie Wongz

"My chocolate is dark." - CrappyAirBags

"PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!" - Shadow DXS


"Just tried to give Vine in the Bay another listen. Six people talking over each other & saying "Solidarity" every 3 mins.Holy shit that sucked" - Joe Prich

"Shut up faggot!" - Asshurtmacfags

"If you want to hear epic stupidity, tune into Vince in the Bay radio program. EPIC." - @Uppity1

"Yay!" - AnonyBear

"Sheeeeeeeeeit." - Ronald Lankford

"Mmmmmm… Yes! Fuck yes!!! Ooooohhhh!!!!" - Nikki Smokesalot in the green room

"‪Vince in the Bay‬'s radio show is hooked to my vibrator instead of an ipod. Vitb gets me off!" - AllVaginasBelongz2Me 

"I like to turn up my bass so Vince's voice can vibrate my balls" - TheFapper II

"Unmute me!" - Hammurabi's Code"très bon spectacle" - N1ckNAK

"This episode of ‪Vince in the Bay‬ is bad. I don't even know what's going on here." - @CassandraRules

"OMG your guests are full on retard" - @Vipsania

"Moron! What a waste of bandwidth." - @NJND_OO

"I'm sorry. I don't speak retardese!" - Ron Brynaert

"‪Vince in the Bay‬ Has such a lovely voice. I'll be the creeper and say it, he should do "goodnight calls". Js." - @an0mie_

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