Thursday, September 5, 2013

VITB FLASHBACK: Interview w/ Boots Riley

Here's an old episode that I haven't blogged about here yet....

Check out my interview with Oakland based hip hop artist and activist Boots Riley of The Coup as we discuss the new release from The Coup entitled "Sorry to Bother You" which is both an album and musical soundtrack to a future movie penned by Boots. We preview tracks from the new record, discuss the making of, touring, other collaborations and Boots' take on the Occupy movement, which he was a vocal part of in Oakland. Joined on air by surprise guest - filmmaker Alex Rivera who is the director of the movie for which Boots penned the screenplay and will star in. Plus, activist and former Oakland occupier/anon "JustSikko" calls in to reminisce about Occupy Oakland and activism in general. 

Stream episode on BTR here or direct download mp3 of the show and/or subscribe as a podcast on iTunes!!!!

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