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I wrote my first ever letter to a prison inmate last month. That prisoner is convicted Anonymous hacktivist Jeremy Hammond. Below is the text of my letter to Jeremy, followed by Jeremy's response which I received in the mail yesterday. If you support Jeremy, I urge you to write him or at least send something funny from the Internet. Visit for details.


Dear Jeremy,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. If you are not familiar with me, I was the gentleman who was the second "victim" to speak at your sentencing on November 15th.

I have been inspired by many of your friends and supporters over the past year and learned a lot about you from them and doing my own research. I've had Sue Crabtree on my podcast to talk about you and your case. I've seen youtube videos of you presenting at tech conferences and been turned on to Dirty Surgeon Insurgency (I even made a DSI playlist on youtube which I tweeted out the eve of your sentencing). You and your brother both seem like extremely talented and bright individuals. I also got to meet your parents and hang out with them before and after your sentencing. Your dad is super cool and your mom is hilarious.

Anyway, not sure if you've seen the transcript of my statement, but I've attached it for your perusal. You might get a kick out of the court recorder's typos and misspelling of certain things in my statement, like "docspin" for example. Lol. I hope you got what I was doing. I'm sure you did. Some of your friends didn't tho, but it's all good.

Moving forward, I'd love to correspond with you on a regular basis and keep you up to date on anything going on in the "outside world". I'm not sure what all your interests are, but obviously you love music. I love going to live shows. Ska shows are always fun and I'd love to see DSI play.

My day job is working as a freelance videographer and I have shot tons of concert videos for all kinds of bands. Some of the artists I've recorded include: Gogol Bordello, The Coup, Tom Morello, Manu Chao, Galactic, Mr. Lif, Dub Trio, Valient Thorr, Balkan Beat Box, Buckethead, Helmet, Bouncing Souls, Outernational, and many more.

I don't shoot many concerts anymore but still go to shows when I can. I'm a huge Primus/Les Claypool fan and am planning to go the New Year's Eve show which they are billing as an evening with "Primus and the Chocolate Factory", so it's going to be a Willy Wonka themed show. Pretty stoked on that.

I'm also a big movie buff. I went to film school and obviously work in production. I've worked on tons of films, episodics, reality shows, commercials and music videos. Some of my favorite filmmakers are: Jim Jarmusch, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Scorsese, Fellini, Antonioni, Sergio Leone, and Werner Herzog.

Oh, I'm also a victim of the CFAA. I plead guilty to "unauthorized access to a protected computer" in 2011. My name was even mentioned in an article with Lulz Security in it. I've attached that as well.

I think that's enough about me for now. I'd love to get to know you better. This is my first letter to an inmate, so I'm kinda at a loss for what to say and share. Perhaps you can guide me through it?

I wish you well and hope to hear back from you soon.


Vince aka "Vince in the Bay"



How you doing brother? Thanks for writing. Well I got to say that shit you pulled at court made it all worth it! I was breaking down in laughter at parts while lawyers urged me to keep a straight face. At first I thought maybe it was some deranged "victim" but the "SWAT" shirt was too crazy, it looked like them marshals were about to tackle you!

I can't believe the judge let you ramble on for so long. I have previously heard of you (VITB) so that was another twist. It really was a much needed disruption and appropriate disrespect to the court, I wanted to go off on some crazy shit too, but my role was to be balanced and understanding. I didn't want to undo all the work my lawyers and supporters put in to appeal for leniency, even though I knew she planned to give me the 10 joints regardless.

But I got to say my piece - laws are meant to be broken. I was happy to hack all them targets and the FBI are more guilty than any of the people they lock up. I thought the gov. did a bad job of arguing for the max, focusing on the language like "maximum mayhem" and "wreaking havoc" LOL. 

After she sentenced me, I wanted to get up and be like "OK fine it really was all about the mayhem!" Haha! Yo, so who was that girl though? How did Preska know her?

So yeah SKA! I'm super into The Coup, Manu Chao, and the others too. 

Hey so about PETA, as a radical environmentalist a lot of us don't like PETA either, or any of these phony "big green" reformists. I favor radical direct action. LOL so was PETA pissed? Did they assist/pressure the pigs into prosecuting you? 

Well what else is up? Yeah feel free to mail me random articles printouts off the net. Esp relating to Anon or general net drama or the latest memes. I guess I'll split 4 now. I'll be here in Brooklyn for 1-3 months till xferred to my destination prison in the Midwest.

Yours 4 the rev,


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